What Should You Know About Drunk Driving?

Understanding how to protect yourself and others against drunk drivers can be a life saver. In particular during the holidays, there are increases in drunk drivers on the road. This is something to keep in mind with Memorial Day weekend arriving soon.

How does alcohol impair a person’s driving?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), even one drink can be dangerous. The following BAC levels show how drinking alcohol can affect driving:

  • .02 Visual functions decline. A driver’s ability to perform two tasks at the same time declines.
  • .05 A driver’s abilities reduce for coordination, tracking moving objects, steering and reaction time in emergency situations.
  • .08 Drivers experience a loss in concentration, impaired perception, lack of speed control, short-term memory loss, and reduced capability to process information.
  • .10 Trouble maintaining lane position and braking become additional problems.

What are some safety tips to prevent drunk driving?

  • If you’re going to drink, make plans so you don’t have to drive.
  • Do not allow someone who has been drinking to drive.
  • When hosting a party, ensure all your guests have someone sober to drive them home.
  • When you see a drunken driver on the road, call 911.
  • Be sure to wear your seat belt because it can help protect you in a crash.

What are preventative actions you can take against impaired drivers when you’re at the wheel?

  • Distance yourself from other vehicles. Keep several car lengths between your car and other vehicles. This gives you time to observe a drunk driver. Behavior that indicates an impaired driver includes: lane drifting, erratic acceleration and slowing, and unnecessary swerving. So you can react quickly, don’t drive with cruise control on.
  • Watch carefully at intersections. Drunk drivers who disregard stop signs or traffic lights can cause accidents. Ensure there is no oncoming traffic before passing through a stop sign or signal.
  • If possible, do not go out at night. Most drunk drivers are out late on weekend nights or early hours in the morning before daylight. This is true in particular on a holiday weekend.
  • Become a designated driver. By becoming a designated driver, you can protect others and yourself.


Do you need legal help to protect yourself and others against drunk drivers?

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