Drive Safely over Memorial Day Weekend

Avoid Memorial Day weekend car accidents by paying attention to the road and traveling safely. Over the years, statistics have shown traffic accidents cause an average of 400 deaths over this holiday weekend.

In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) warns that out of all forms of transportation, car travel is the most dangerous during the Memorial Day weekend. Cars have the highest fatality rate. The weekend begins Friday night after 6:00 p.m. and lasts through midnight the following Monday.

Of course, the NSC is providing an estimate based on past statistics. The confidence level of the statistics has a 90% accuracy.  Based on their estimates, possible fatalities range from 337 to 502 deaths.

Factors Involved with Traffic Fatalities and Injuries

Holiday celebrations often involve alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, whenever alcohol consumption increases, drunken driving accidents occur. According to the NSC, in 2019, alcohol impaired accident deaths were 28% of the total fatalities reported. In fact, an alcohol impaired driver comprised 37% of the fatalities across the nation.

The NSC estimates 47,300 injuries, with a 90% confidence level. The injury range is between 38,400 and 57,200 injuries. In this case, injuries refer to harm that requires consultation with a medical practitioner.

What Can You Do to Avoid Memorial Day Weekend Car Accidents?

First of all, do not drink and drive. Also, do not ride with a driver who is alcohol impaired.

In addition, make sure you wear your seat belt. Studies indicate that seat belts can prevent fatalities for front-seat passenger occupants. Statistics show they reduce 45% of the possible deaths. If front seat passengers wore their seat belts, it could save 164 lives. And if all car occupants wore seat belts, it could save and additional 96 lives.

If your loved one was seriously injured or involved in a fatal car accident, seek legal help.

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