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Did an 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi cause your injuries?

Overcoming the challenges of a trucking accident caused by a negligent truck driver and/or company is not something you want to attempt on your own. The often permanent injuries and disabilities can be enormous and overwhelming. Michael R. De La Paz is an experienced Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Since 1996, Mr. De La Paz has helped 18-wheeler truck accident victims throughout the state of Texas secure damages for their injuries.

Holding responsible parties accountable their negligence

When a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial big rig, it’s pretty certain that the passenger vehicle will lose. Typically truck drivers are forced to work  long hours and under pressure to fulfill delivery schedules—sometimes at the cost of safety. By trying to shortcut in order to make delivery goals both the driver and the trucking company can become negligent and cause fatal accidents and injuries. This kind of behavior violates the law that requires drivers and trucking companies to comply with strict regulations relative to:

  • Hours on the road
  • Number of breaks
  • The weight of their load

Drivers and trucking companies that disregard the law can be held liable for negligence and any personal injuries they cause.  Mr. De La Paz, an experienced Corpus Christi 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer, represents clients who sustain injuries in accidents resulting from:

  • Rear-end collisions, head-on crashes, and jackknives
  • Mechanical failure caused by poor maintenance
  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving
  • DUI/Drunk driving
  • Unsecured loads
  • Lack of reflectors and poor visibility 

We work to obtain the best resolution for your case

While many 18-wheeler accident cases do settle, going to court, if necessary, is also an option. Mr. De La Paz is fully prepared to protect your rights and take your case to court in order to obtain a fair settlement for you. No matter what your circumstances, our goal is to obtain the best resolution in your case and all the legally entitled compensation you are entitled to receive.

Financial circumstances do not impede your case—schedule a free consultation today

Many accident victims deny themselves skilled legal assistance out of fear of the legal costs they may run up—and instead accept an unfair settlement from the insurance company. However, our truck accident law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis and you pay only if we win your case. To discuss your case during a free, no obligation consultation, call (210) 225-HURT (4878) or toll free (800) 645-8553 to schedule today. Spanish speaking clients, se habla español.


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