Boating and Swimming Accidents Can Lead to Drowning

Drowning accidents in Texas become more prevalent during summertime, when people are out on the lakes and rivers. Whether rafting, boating, swimming in a pool, or at a water park, the potential for accidents increases. Texas is home to many lakes, including Lake Travis, Canyon Lake, Medina Lake, Buchanan Lake, Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Hubbard. Not to mention, the Guadalupe and Comal rivers are popular recreational areas for river rafting.

In May 2021, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department announced that 2020 boating accidents had reached a 30-year high. Between 2019 and 2020, Texas waterway fatalities increased by 45 percent.

The majority of boating accidents that occurred had involved motorboats or personal watercraft. Statewide, water injuries typically reach their peak between May and August.

Safety Tips to Follow

Wear a life vest. Texas State law requires each occupant of a boat or paddle craft to have life jacket available. Children under 13 must wear a life vest while on the boat or when the paddle craft is underway or drifting.

Facts about Drowning Accidents in Texas

The main reason for death in boating accidents is drowning. In fact, most victims who drown were not wearing a lifejacket. Authorities warn that accidents happen quickly. Merely having a lifejacket available on a boat is often not enough and victims can’t reach the life vest. Wearing a lifejacket at all times is the safest guideline. You should also ensure others are wearing theirs as well.

Other Causes of Drowning

Operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. Lack of training is another issue. In addition, Texas requires boaters to complete a mandatory boater safety course for personal watercraft of boats with 15 horsepower motors or greater. Of boating fatalities, 60 percent were operators who had not completed the course.

If You Lost a Loved One in a Drowning Accident

Having an experienced lawyer at your side is crucial when pursuing lawsuits involving drowning accidents in Texas, whether you live in Carrizo Springs, Rio Grande City, South Padre Island or some other area. Your attorney must prove that another party was at fault for the accident. The Office of Michael R. De La Paz offers a free consultation to evaluate your potential case.