Don’t let your time run out

A car accident lawsuit deadline may be the furthest thing on your mind when suffering in pain. However, with serious car accidents, filing a lawsuit is often the only way to cover the high costs of medical treatment and other damages. Car accident lawsuit deadlines for filing lawsuits (called statutes of limitations) exist in every state across the nation.

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Do different states have the same car accident lawsuit deadlines for filing a claim?

No. Various states have different statutes of limitations for car accident cases. Filing deadlines ranged from two to six years. Although, the majority of states have a two-year statute of limitations, including Texas. The next most common deadline is three years, but a number of states have up to five or six years before the window to file a claim closes.

Why do filing deadlines exist?

As time passes, it may be more difficult to gather evidence. Lack of evidence can make a case more difficult to prove. It can also make a case more difficult to defend against. In addition, deadlines serve as a deterrent against frivolous lawsuits.

Are there exceptions to the statute of limitations?

In Texas and many other states, if the accident victim dies, the family has two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim. The death date may differ from the accident date.

Also, if a government employee caused personal injury or an accident occurred on government property, you only have six months to file a lawsuit. You would have to file the claim against the particular government office that was responsible for the employee or property.

Can you ever get a filing extension?

It is rare. However, sometimes courts will grant an extension to person with a disability, allowing them to file beyond the two-year limitation. Also, if the injured person was a minor and their parents did not file a lawsuit, the minor might be able to file a claim when turning 18.

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