How truck accidents differ from other accidents

Truck accident investigation involves a different type of evidence. This is due to the fact that the trucking industry is highly regulated by state and federal governments. Violations of industry standards can provide evidence for proving the truck driver was at fault in an accident claim. The following are some frequently asked questions about truck accident investigation.

What is EDR (event data recorder) or Black Box data?

Almost all heavy trucks on the road today have an Engine Control Module and EDR that collects and stores its data. Prior to a crash, the EDR records the vehicle’s:

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Clutch and throttle position

In fact, the four types of data recorded are fault data, historical data, calibration data and event data. An accident reconstructionist can use the data to determine fault in a truck accident.

What does an hours of service log have to do with a truck accident?

Federal laws regulating the trucking industry require truck drivers to log their driving hours. Drivers log their hours of service electronically. In addition, regulations require drivers to take periodic breaks. They limit the driving hours per day for safety reasons. Fatigue or overly demanding delivery schedules can lead to truck accidents. When reconstructing the accident, a specialist can examine the log to see if hours of service violations might have been a factor.

How do maintenance records help when reconstructing an accident?

Maintaining trucks in good working order is vital for trucking companies. Otherwise a mechanical breakdown could occur, putting truck drivers and other motorists at risk.

Do truck drivers have to meet higher driving qualification standards?

Trucking companies must ensure their drivers meet high standards. Previous drug abuse, moving violations and accidents would put the company at risk. A good driving record is a must for a truck driver.

Have you need help with a truck accident investigation?

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