Cars and 18-Wheelers involved in intersection accidents

Intersection accidents can be deadly, and they happen more often than many people realize. The answers to the following questions provide significant information about this type of accident.

FAQs About Intersection Accidents

How many accidents happen at intersections?

According to the Federal Highway Administration approximately 25% of traffic fatalities and about 50% of traffic injuries across the U.S. happen at intersections.

What type of accident occurs most frequently at intersections?

Rear-end collisions are the most common accidents at intersections. They often occur when the driver isn’t paying attention and doesn’t see the other car has stopped. A distracted driver could be talking on their phone or texting, which is the worst form of distracted driving.

Why do accidents frequently occur at intersections?

Often such accidents are due to traffic law violations. A driver runs the red light. Or, drivers follow other cars too closely. As a result, they cannot stop or slow down fast enough to avoid a collision. Other reasons may include speeding, failing to yield to the right of way, not using turn signals or ignoring pedestrians who are crossing at intersections.

How do 18-wheeler accidents at intersections occur?

When making a turn at an intersection, the semi-truck driver may not see a small car, motorcycle or bicyclist in their blind spot.

A T-bone accident or underride accident can also occur. If a smaller vehicle crashes into the side of a truck, it can slide under the truck, crushing the top of the car. In a T-bone accident the collision of the two vehicles form the shape of a “T.”

What can you do to avoid an intersection accident?

Actions you can take to avoid an accident at intersections include:

  • Always signal ahead of time before turning
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians crossing the road
  • Be aware of vehicles that are going fast or do not look like they will stop at a red light
  • Check twice for other vehicles when at a stop sign before pulling into the intersection
  • Follow right-of-way laws

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