Deaths and injuries at the concert

The Houston Texas Travis Scott Astroworld Festival venue filled up with 50,000 concertgoers on November 5, 2021. Organizers had limited the capacity to 50,000 attendees, and the concert sold out. Despite imposing attendance restrictions, event organizers underestimated the dangers involved. In fact, they were unprepared to deal with the tragic outcome.

By the end of the night, eight people had died. And, dozens more suffered injury, according to the Houston Chronicle.

What Dangers Resulted in Disaster?

The crowd surged forward, crushing people closer to the front near the stage.

Typically, people in the back of a crowd do not realize how much a crowd surge affects the people in front of them. Many who were closer to the stage found it increasingly harder to breathe.

An ICU nurse, Madeline Eskins, posted her experience on Instagram. She described the crowd pushing against her and how she couldn’t breathe. After she passed out, concertgoers crowd surfed her to a security guard who took her to safety. When she awoke, she began helping the medical staff. She took pulse rates and gave medical assistance to others. She soon realized there weren’t enough medical staff to deal with the problem. Also, no cell service was available to call for help.

After feeling dehydrated, another concertgoer reported that the event only had two water refill stations.

A Legal Perspective Regarding the Deaths and Injuries at the Houston Texas Travis Scott Astroworld Festival

From a legal perspective, negligence is the basis for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Negligence refers to the failure to exercise the level of care that an ordinary person would exercise under the same circumstances.

Investigations are ongoing to uncover the underlying reasons for the disaster. What precautions should have been taken? Could the local government of Harris County have provided greater assistance? What about the Houston Fire Department? What number of medical professionals should have been onsite? Was the number of security personnel adequate for a concert of this size and nature?

Potentially liable parties include a number of event organizers.  Travis Scott, the entertainment company Live Nation and concert promoter Scoremore are a few.

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