Stress makes drivers more prone to error

Truck driver stress has a direct correlation to accidents. It’s a well-known fact that people under stress are more prone to making mistakes. In addition, human error is frequently a factor in truck accidents and all types of traffic collisions.

What Types of Truck Driver Stress Has Emerged?

Because transportation is an essential business, truck drivers have continued working despite shutdowns in other industries. Yet, the pandemic has resulted in protocols and restrictions that increase truck drivers’ stress.

Transport Topics ( interviewed truck drivers about stress during the pandemic. It provided examples in its article entitled “Pandemic Puts Added Strain on Drivers.”

A hospital and doctor delivery driver in Chicago wore a mask, sanitized his truck and followed protocols. With each delivery, he had to walk to the front of the building and have his temperature checked. Only when his temperature proved to be okay, was he able to unload the delivery.

Trucking companies have provided drivers with personal protective equipment (PPE). So, protection is not the issue. The concern is drivers’ mental states. More so than ever before, drivers are isolated. They cannot stop and eat in restaurants. Sometimes bathroom facilities are locked with signs that say “closed due to COVID.” Breakrooms are not available where they can take showers. They are unable to talk with customers. Many face-to-face meetings have turned into remote calls. Furthermore, they are zooming with friends and family.

In addition, social distancing has made mundane tasks like doing laundry or getting a meal more challenging.

Some drivers are spending greater amounts of time driving on the road than prior to the pandemic. For example, one driver is staying away from home where there are family members who are immunocompromised. She is waiting until the pandemic ends to resume close contact.

Have You Been Involved in a Truck Accident?

Despite pandemic stress, truck drivers are still liable if they cause an accident. If you’ve suffered serious injury in a truck accident and believe the truck driver caused it, contact the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz. We have assisted clients across the state, from Corpus Christi to Sherman and Round Rock.