Do you actually need a personal injury lawyer?

Reasons to hire a personal injury attorney are something to consider, especially if you’re suffering from serious injuries. If your injuries and damages were minor, you might not need an attorney. However, were your injuries substantial, and was the accident the other person’s fault? If so, you have legal rights you might not be aware of. Initial consultations with personal injury lawyers are free to help determine whether you have a case. The following questions and answers might be something to consider.

Could the lawyer’s knowledge of accident law and the legal process benefit you?

You may not understand what is necessary to prove the other driver was at fault. In Texas, the driver who is responsible for causing an accident is liable. This means that the driver’s insurance company must cover costs for your damages. Damages include damage to the car and your medical bills along with your lost wages due to the accident. When should you settle or go to court because a settlement offer isn’t fair? These are questions a lawyer can answer, and the attorney’s knowledge can offer you an advantage.

Will you be up against insurance companies and their attorneys?

If the accident resulted in serious injuries, the answer is yes. Insurance companies follow a business model that helps them avoid paying claims. They do everything possible to deny a claim, and their legal teams employ tactics to win cases. A skilled and experienced accident attorney can help you level the playing field.

Can a personal injury attorney help you deal with insurance companies?

Your attorney can speak with adjusters and advise you about what to do. Instead of having to negotiate with the insurance company yourself, the lawyer will argue and negotiate on your behalf. Through experience, attorneys recognize when the settlement offer from an insurance company is too low and unfair. In addition, if you can’t reach a fair settlement, the lawyer can file a lawsuit to help obtain a favorable outcome.

Will you find out the truth about your accident on your own?

Investigation is necessary to get to the truth. A law firm gathers evidence from the accident scene, from witness statements, from medical records, and in some cases from experts who can reconstruct accidents to discover the cause. Chances are, if you’re lying in a bed, suffering from injuries, you won’t find out the truth on your own.

Do you need legal help?

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