Why are rural road accidents something to be concerned about?

Rural road accidents occur more frequently than most people realize. Of course, no matter where an accident occurs, if the impact is significant, severe injury can result. The following are some questions about accidents in rural areas.

What percentage of traffic accident fatalities in Texas are rural road accidents?

According to The Texas Tribune, 51 percent of Texas traffic fatalities in 2021 occurred in rural areas. This is noteworthy because only 10% of the population in Texas lives in a rural area. However, similar statistics apply throughout the United States. Nearly half of the country’s fatal crashes occur on rural roads. By comparison, approximately 19 percent of the U.S. population resides in rural zones.

Why is speeding a major cause of accidents in the countryside?

High speeds on rural highways lead to greater impacts during a collision. In addition, some Texas rural roadways have high speed limits. For example, Highway 130 that stretches from north of Austin to the south side of San Antonio has an 85 mph posted speed limit. This stretch goes for about 41 miles. The rest of 130 has an 80 mph speed limit.

When occupants involved in a crash are not wearing seatbelts, the chance of injury and fatality is even greater.

What are some other causes of rural accidents?

Other causes of car accidents in rural locations include:

  • Driver distraction. Many types of distraction can take the driver’s attention off the road: texting, talking on a cell phone, talking with other passengers, eating, putting on makeup, adjusting a GPS, etc.
  • Failure to stay in a traffic lane. Drifting out of the lane can result in colliding with another vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol often lead to lower reaction times and faulty judgement.
  • Animals on the road. Wild animals, cattle, sheep or other animals on the road can cause drivers to veer off the road, resulting in accidents.

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