Establishing the facts in a car accident may require investigation

Accident reconstruction may be necessary when severe injury or death occurs and the evidence in an accident is not clear-cut. It may not be obvious who was at fault or how the accident occurred. Often vehicles are mangled and spin away from the point of impact. In some accidents, no witnesses were present. In other instances, parties in the accident suffer from memory loss. Consequently, it may be difficult to establish the sequence events and determine what actually took place.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction should involve professional engineering services for forensic investigation, analysis and reporting. It may also require case testimony for depositions or in court. When proving fault for property damage, injury or fatality in traffic accidents, sometimes an expert testimony is required.

Measurements of skid marks along with crash scene photographs of the road and vehicle damage are one aspect of accident reconstruction. Determining vehicle speeds, traffic violations, and magnitude of the impact are other vital information.

Who Is Qualified to Reconstruct Accidents?

While police and other individuals can gather evidence and take pictures, a skilled engineer should do the analysis. Analysis involves evaluating the physics of the accident scene. The engineer will determine how vehicles were positioned, the speeds and movement of the vehicles and also whether the crash was avoidable. Whether or not the driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts may also be a factor related to severity of injury.

Evaluating the data gathered requires scientific analysis done by an expert. In addition, the accident reconstructionist will formulate an accurate report that your attorney can use as expert testimony.

Do You Have Questions about Your Accident and Whether Someone Else Was at Fault?

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