Why is speeding so dangerous?

Speeding accidents occur when the driver is exceeding the posted speed limit, driving too fast for road conditions or is racing. If the vehicle’s speed contributed to the accident, then authorities consider it a speeding accident.

How often is speeding the cause of a traffic accident?

According to the National Safety Council, 29% of all U.S. traffic fatalities in 2021 involved speeding. As a result, 12,330 people died, which was an average of 33 people a day. The total number of fatal speeding vehicle crashes were 11,057. This was the third yearly increase in a row since 2019.

What types of drivers are most likely to speed?

Statistics showed that age and gender is a factor in speeding. Males were more likely to speed than females. Also, young male drivers in the age groups of 15-20 and 21-24 were more likely to be speeding when a fatal crash occurred.

In these age groups:

  • 31% of male drivers were speeding when involved in fatal crashes
  • 19% of female drivers were speeding when involved in fatal crashes

The likelihood of speeding and dying or causing fatality in a crash decreased proportionately with age.

How do road conditions relate to speeding accidents?

The worse the road conditions are, the greater the risk of a fatal crash occurring when speeding. Speeding statistics for fatal crashes in 2021 were as follows:

  • 18% on dry roads
  • 22% on wet roads
  • 32% on snowy or slushy roads
  • 33% on icy roads or roads with frost
  • 38% on roads with moving or standing water
  • 43% on roads with mud, dirt or gravel

If you suffer injury in an accident and the other driver was speeding, you should consult with an accident attorney. Your attorney might be able to hold the other driver at fault. If so, you can recover compensation to offset the expenses of injury and lost wages.

Do you need legal help dealing with a serious car accident?

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