Texas Boating Accidents During the Holidays

Texas boating accidents during the holidays are often devastating. And unfortunately, excessive alcohol consumption is often a factor.

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) reports that alcohol consumption and speeding are among the top contributing factors for accidents.

Statistics Regarding Texas Boating Accidents

Here are some facts about recent boating accidents in Texas:

  • Between January 2021 and April 2021, boating fatalities increased 40% over the same time period in 2020/
  • In addition to excessive speed and alcohol use, operator attention, inexperience and improper lookout caused accidents.
  • An estimated 70% of deaths occurred due to lack of operator boating safety instruction..
  • Eight out of 10 boaters who drowned used boats less than 21 feet long
  • For known deaths, 79% of the victims in boating accidents drowned. Of that percentage,86% weren’t wearing life jackets.

Legal Responsibilities in Texas for Boating Accidents

If involved in boating accident, under Texas law, you must report the accident and casualties. You can report it to a law enforcement agency or to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPW). You must report the incident within 48 hours if the following occurred:

  • Death or missing person
  • Injury requiring more than first aid
  • Property damage exceeding $2,000

When you report the accident, you should include a full description of what occurred.

In addition, you must stop and render assistance. The only exception is if doing so would endanger your boat, crew or passengers. The aid you give should be for minimizing danger. Operators must give your name, address and vessel identification number in writing to anyone injured or to any owner of damage property.

If you fail to give assistance and an accident results in death or serious bodily injury, the TPW could charge you with a felony.

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