How do rollover accidents occur?

An Austin rollover accident caused the death of one person and the hospitalization of two people with potentially serious injuries.

According to KVUE ABC News, the crash occurred on November 26, 2021 at 1:45 a.m. near Highway 290 on Johnny Morris Road. In this northeast Austin rollover accident, one person was thrown from the car and died at the accident scene.

How do rollover accidents occur?

What is a rollover accident? When the momentum moves a vehicle off of its center of gravity, the vehicle can tip over, and roll on its side or roof. Rollover can happen with a car, truck or trailer.

However, trucks generally have roll thresholds that allow them to tip over more easily. They are often higher and less stable than cars. Also, Carrying heavy loads can add to the risk of rollover.

What other factors contribute to rollovers?

  • Roads that curve into S-bends or roundabouts require drivers to quickly change direction. At such times, the center of gravity shifts, making the vehicle more prone to rollover.
  • The slope of a road is another factor. Vehicles tend to tip toward the outside of the curve. And, once again the center of gravity can shift, increasing the chance of rollover, even at slow speeds.
  • Bumps on the inside of a corner can lift the inside wheel. This also throws off the center of gravity and makes the vehicle move toward the outside of the curve.
  • A lack of friction, such as a slippery patch of road can make the vehicle slide. Ice, rain, sand or gravel can cause a lack of friction. During the slide, the center of gravity can move too much to the side of the vehicle.
  • Wind, veering off the edge of a road, too much speed taking a corner and collision with another vehicle or object can also cause rollovers.

Get legal help with an Austin rollover accident

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