The car accident case investigation stage typically begins after you obtain an attorney.

The initial consultation where you speak with a lawyer is free. It’s vital to give the lawyer as many details as possible. Describe how the accident occurred. Explain why you believe the other driver was at fault. Bring photos taken at the accident scene along with witness contact information. Also provide information about any nearby surveillance cameras. Describing the extent of your injury and how your recovery is progressing can help the lawyer get grasp of the damages involved.

Furthermore, an attorney can protect you against insurance adjusters who might try to take advantage of you. Insurance adjusters conduct their own investigations. In fact, making low-ball settlement offers early on is a common insurance tactic. Keep in mind, your attorney can advise you every step of the way to help you avoid the pitfalls of insurance claims.

How the Car Accident Case Investigation Stage Works

Every car accident is different. Some accidents are more complex than others, especially when more than one party is at fault. For example, defective road conditions may have contributed to the crash. In multiple car crashes, several drivers may have violated the law. What if your actions contributed in some way to the accident? The attorney will handle the car accident case investigation. It is vital to gather all the information necessary for pursuing a case.

What will the attorney investigate?

  • Your medical records. Typically, claims require waiting until no further improvement in recovery is possible. Your lawyer will assess the extent of injury by reviewing medical records. In addition, the work involves tallying expenses, and even projecting future medical costs.
  • Accident reconstruction. In some accident cases, it may be necessary to have experts reconstruct how the accident occurred. This is vital for proving fault in a claim.
  • Structural factors. When vehicle malfunction occurs, it might be due to a manufacturing defect. Geographical defects, such as poorly constructed roads can also contribute to accidents. A civil or mechanical engineer may be necessary to evaluate such factors.

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