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Oil Field Accidents

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Oil Field Accidents

Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyer

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Do you need legal help because you were injured in an oil field accident?

Like construction workers, oilfield workers face many dangers on the job—and the potential for injury is high. Workers in the Eagle Ford Shale, the West Texas oil fields, and along the Gulf of Mexico are exposed to high-risk work conditions just to do their jobs. Whether you’re a roughneck, derrickman, driller, offshore worker, seaman, or dockworker there is good chance that you will suffer injuries caused by dangerous conditions on the job.

West Texas oil field accident lawyer

Explosions, unsafe equipment, faulty safety equipment, negligent co-workers, and companies that are more interested in profits than safety are often at fault for devastating injuries, such as:

Oil industry boom means more oil field accidents and injuries

While the recent boom in domestic oil production in the U.S. has provided many jobs and increased incomes for a lot of Texas families, the downside is that there have also been increased injuries and deaths for oil field workers. Since 2007, hundreds of oilfield workers have been killed nationwide, with nearly half of those fatalities happening in the state of Texas alone.

These fatalities and injuries are typically caused by: outdated equipment, careless employers, untrained and inexperienced workers, and poor regulation. The demand for crews and meeting deadlines can mean a lack of training and enforcement of safety protocols. And the lack of government oversight leaves much to be desired. All of these factors and more have led to increased injuries and deaths in West Texas oil fields. Another problem is the increased drilling operations in the Bakken Shale and Eagle Ford Shale has lead to increased trucking accidents involving oil rigs.

Representing oil field workers throughout Texas and the U.S.

The Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz represents injured oil field workers throughout Texas and the United States. And we are prepared to take on the oil companies, shipping companies, trucking companies, and their insurance carriers to protect your legal rights. Whether you are an injured oil field worker or a surviving family member of an oil field worker who has been killed on the job, we can help. We understand the dangers of working in the oil industry and the devastating effect these injuries can have on a family. If you or a family member has been injured in an oil field accident, contact us today for a free, no obligation case evaluation at our San Antonio office. Call (210) 225-HURT (4878) or toll free (800) 645-8553 . During the consultation, Mr. De La Paz will help you determine the steps needed in filing a claim and obtaining compensation for your loss. Home and hospital visits available if you are unable to travel due to your injuries. Se habla español.



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