Serious Car Crash Where Jeeps, UTVs and 4 Wheelers Gather for the Weekend

Crystal Beach, Texas Jeep Weekend took place on May 20, 2023 on Bolivar Peninsula. It’s an annual gathering of Jeeps, UTVs and 4 wheelers for a weekend on the beach. While this year’s gathering improved over 2022, a woman suffered from serious injury due to a car crash.

According to FOX News, a major car crash occurred, throwing a woman from the vehicle. As a result, she suffered from a serious head injury. In addition to that incident, an auto-ped accident occurred where the person suffered from critical injuries. Criminal activity involved two shootings and one robbery. The police filed 283 charges and made 234 arrests. Of the arrests, 221 of the arrests were misdemeanors and 13 were for felonies. Despite the accidents and arrests, the sheriff considered this year’s gathering a success, due to doubling police reinforcements.

The 2022 Crystal Beach, Texas Jeep Weekend

The gathering in 2022 was a more hazardous outing. Speeding and drunk driving were the main concerns.

According to ABC 13, a vehicle hit police Sergeant John Hamm and threw him into the car’s windshield. The crash broke two of his legs, injured his arm and also caused lacerations. Police arrested the 22-year driver who hit him and filed charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When the accident occurred, the sergeant was directing traffic.

The total arrests for the 2022 event were 175, and 17 were for felonies.

Car wrecks can be life-threatening and even result in death. However, you can hold the driver who caused the accident accountable if they were reckless or negligent.

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