Recent Deaths Demonstrate Dangers of Parked Semis and Tractor-Trailers

What Are the Dangers of Parked Semis to Other Motorists?

Federal officials say that the dangers of parked semis occur because it’s common practice for truck drivers to get off the road when they become tired. In fact, that’s what they’re supposed to do. Often, though, those drivers will simply pull over to the side of the road and shut down the rig. Most of the time, it’s dark outside. Because the trucks don’t have running lights on, they are essentially invisible to motorists, who may be traveling at high speeds and unable to brake or take evasive action.

Where Are Motorists Most at Risk of Colliding with a Parked Semi-Truck?

According to CBS News, the risk may be just about anywhere, but is most common near highway exits and rest areas. Officials say truck drivers who become fatigued seek to pull off at a truck stop or rest area, but find no place to park. They then pull back out on the highway, park on the shoulder, and turn off their lights, making it extremely difficult for motorists to see them.

How Often Does This Practice Take Place?

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Transportation said that it’s likely that motorists are at risk in many locations throughout the United States on a daily basis. In 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported more than 4,000 accidents involving tractor-trailers along and near exit ramps off freeways, and other divided highways. Those accidents resulted in 55 fatalities.

Do You Need Experienced Legal Counsel to Protect Your Rights after Colliding with a Parked Truck?

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