Risks of construction work

On Sept 22, 2023, a construction site accident in the Colony, Texas, occurred, killing a worker.

Police say that a tractor rolled on top of a worker, killing him.

The Grandcape development was a hot springs resort, scheduled to open in the spring of 2024..

Construction Accidents in Texas and the U.S.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), struck by accidents include being struck by equipment, which includes vehicles. In 2020, struck by accidents 14,000 nonfatal construction sector injuries. Struck be deaths were 150. In 2019, 47% of all construction injuries were struck by vehicle accidents, the most common type of accident causing death in this industry.

Do you need legal help with a construction site accident?

Often, the company or property owner is violating legal safety requirements, which makes them accountable for the accident. The toll such accidents can take on families and individuals can be devastating. A construction site accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Quite frankly, you don’t have the know-how to deal with the company’s insurance company to obtain a fair settle. Get a lawyer to help. You owe nothing unless we settle the case or win by verdict. Also, our fees are a percentage of the money recovered. Generally, legal expenses are part of the settlement made with the at-fault party.

We gather the facts to prove the other party was at-fault.

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