Many trucking companies have installed these cameras in trucks

Driver-facing cameras in trucks are increasingly in use. In fact, transportation carriers are installing them in trucks for safety reasons. Furthermore, supplies a list of trucking carriers using the cameras and a list of those not using the cameras. You will notice the ratio of companies using them compared with companies not using them is 41:21. In addition, it’s fair to say that more trucking companies are using them than not.

Many trucking companies feel the cameras can help reduce their liability in truck accidents. However, truck drivers have complained that they invade their privacy. It is a fact that trucks are second homes to many drivers who eat and sleep in their trucks during interstate deliveries. However, there are arguments that based on how the cameras work, this is not true.

How Do Driver-Facing Cameras Work?

The cameras can record the road and the driver simultaneously. Such cameras generally record a continuous loop. However, the camera records over previous footage until a triggering incident occurs. Triggering incidents would include hard braking or bumping or crashing into another object. In these circumstances, the cameras records and saves footage that occurs about 10 seconds prior and after the incident. Other footage the camera records isn’t permanently saved or stored. The truth is, the camera doesn’t have enough bandwidth to save everything recorded for hours and hours of driving.

From an accident prevention perspective, the cameras can set off in-cab warnings and alert the driver to potential hazards. Also, it can prompt drivers that they have drifted out of their lanes. In some instances, it could jar them out of distracted or drowsy driving. In addition, company review of the footage could result in a safety re-evaluation of the driver.

What Do Driver-Facing Cameras in Trucks Mean for Truck Accident Cases?

Footage from driver-facing cameras in trucks can also provide evidence in a truck accident case as to who was at fault. In some instances, the footage could favor the trucking company in a disputed crash. However, in other instances footage may show error on the part of the driver. Truck accident attorneys bringing a case on behalf of a victim can request the footage as part of the accident investigation.

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