Among Five Dead in Multi-Vehicle Crash

A 34-year-old man and his two children, ages 7 and 10, were among five victims in a fatal truck-wreck accident on Highway 40 near Teutopolis, Illinois, on Friday evening, September 29, 2023.

At the time of the crash, the semi-truck was hauling approximately 7,500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia, a potentially deadly substance used in the manufacture of certain fertilizers. The truck reportedly rolled into a ditch as a result of the accident and began leaking. Crews worked throughout the night in an effort to patch the leak, but were ultimately unsuccessful. The tanker was eventually drained and take to a secure location of further investigation. Officials say more than half of the cargo spilled onto the roadside, leading officials to evacuate approximately 500 families in the nearby residential areas. According to NBC News, while the crash remains under investigation, none of the fatalities are believed to have been caused by the spilled anhydrous ammonia. Law enforcement officers say there were no reported injuries to nearby residents due to exposure to the toxic substance.

Accident Caused When Vehicle Attempted to Pass Semi-Truck

Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board have indicated that the accident was likely caused when another motorist attempted to pass the semi-truck, causing the truck driver to lose control.

All motorists on the road have a duty to use reasonable care at all times. When they don’t, and their carelessness causes an accident, victims have a right to seek full and fair compensation. We can help.

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