Houston has the most dangerous highway in the U.S.

Houston car accidents occur at a high rate on I-45, which is the most dangerous road in Texas and the United States. This freeway sees an average of 56.5 fatal accidents every 100 miles. In fact, Houston has the most lethal stretch of I-45, where 73 deaths occurred in 2019.

What are the underlying reasons for I-45 being so dangerous?

According to the North Houston Highway Improvement Project, outdated and shoddy infrastructure has made the highway dangerous. In addition, the freeway is one of the country’s most poorly lit highways. It also has the highest rate of drunk driving fatalities.

An increase in road rage

According to Houstonia, road rage drastically increased throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Houston Police Chief stated that road rage incidents and aggravated assaults resulting from road rage accidents had risen. The increase was by about 30 percent. Six incidents resulted in fatalities.

Even though you would’ve expected the pandemic’s empty roads to be less dangerous, they weren’t. Apparently they resulted in increased reckless driving and speeding. Texas had the most fatal car crashes of any state.

The total crashes in 2020 were 3,800. This was up from the 3,600 crashes in 2019. In addition, car crashes rose by 9 percent in 2020.

Ways to deal with road rage

Tips to avoid road rage confrontations include:

  • Use turn signals. Make sure you signal in advance before you turn, merge or change lanes. Also check blind spots.
  • Do not tailgate. Drive far enough behind the car in front of you that you allow at least two seconds for stopping.
  • Don’t be rushed. Estimate traffic into travel plans so you are not stressed while driving.
  • Report erratic drivers. Call in erratic driving to protect yourself and other vehicles.
  • Switch lanes. If someone behind you is driving aggressively, get out of their lane. Allow them to pass and never drive faster to match their speed.
  • Do not take aggression personally. Relax and do not take their behavior personally and do not respond aggressively.
  • Do not use obscene gestures. Doing so will further incense an aggressive driver.
  • Keep your windows rolled up. If an angry driver stops and approaches your car, do not roll down your windows and take to them. The exception would be if you were involved in an accident. Otherwise, keep driving and do not engage.
  • Avoid eye contact. Do not look the other aggressive driver in the eye and avoid contact.
  • If followed, drive somewhere safe. Drive to a police station or crowded area and call for help if necessary. Do not drive home.


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