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Insurance company tactics in car accident cases are something most accident victims have no experience with. The pain and confusion that a car crash generates can be overwhelming. Not to mention, your ordinary life suffers from disruption when dealing with injury and receiving medical treatments. In fact, you might be unable to work or be lying in a hospital. When the other driver caused the car wreck, you hope their insurance company will cover your costs.

What should you know about the insurance company’s first settlement offer?

A Nolo.com article explains that the first offer is typically low and sometimes extremely low. This is because insurance companies do not get rich by paying out claims. The opposite is true. They strive to pay as little as possible and employ tactics to do so. In addition, the offer will probably not cover the costs for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you turn down the first offer, don’t worry because it is rarely the insurance company’s only offer.

What insurance company tactics in a car accident might you expect?

Some tactics insurance companies often use to sway a claim in their favor include:

  • Denying the claim but not providing a valid reason
  • Delaying the claim in the attempt to exceed the statute of limitations for filing an accident lawsuit
  • Denying the claim but failing to investigate or evaluate it
  • Shifting the blame and attributing the cause of injury to the victim
  • Using the victim’s medical treatment delays against them
  • Asserting that the injury was pre-existing and not a result of the accident
  • Pressuring the victim to accept their settlement offer

What can your lawyer do to offset the insurance company tactics in accident cases?

To offset the insurance company tactics in accident cases, attorneys write demand letters that present an argument and that also demands a payment in your favor. They calculate the expenses and evaluate what a fair settlement offer would entail. Typically, as an accident victim, you should wait until you reach maximum medical improvement before settling your case. This is so you know how extensive the necessary medical treatment is to deal with your injury. The demand letter would include all the details of your case, such as:

  • The specific information of how the accident took place
  • Who was at fault for causing the accident
  • The medical prognosis for your recovery
  • Lost wages due to the injury
  • The injury’s impact on your life
  • What dollar figure you would accept as a settlement

Do you need legal help dealing with an accident case?

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