What to do in the case of a hit and run accident

A driver charged with a McAllen hit and run accident also suffered injury in a crash. The crash killed one woman and hospitalized three others. The incident occurred in the beginning of January, 2022 at East Nolana Ave, the 1300 block in McAllen.

Cynthia Ann Lopez, age 46, died as a result of accident injuries. Another driver in the accident requiring hospitalization, was Claudia Ann Carrizales, age 29. The police also charged her for a hit and run accident. In addition, two other persons, not passengers in her car received medical care. (Reference: Valleycentral.com)

What does Texas hit-and-run law require you to do?

A hit and run accident is an accident where someone involved in the crash leaves the accident scene. In addition, they fail to identify themselves or render assistance. Under Texas law, drivers involved in car accidents have legal responsibilities to uphold. This is especially true when personal injury or death results from the accident.

What you should do includes:

  • Stop your vehicle at the scene or as close to the scene as possible.
  • If you do not stop at the scene, return to the scene right away.
  • Determine whether anyone involved in the accident requires help
  • Remain at the scene to give your name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance carrier name to those involved in the accident. Also show your driver’s license.
  • Provide injured individuals with reasonable assistance, including transportation. Or arrange for transportation to a physician or hospital if treatment appears necessary or the person requests it.
  • Try not to obstruct traffic more than necessary.

When death or serious injury occurs, leaving the accident scene is a felony.

You should also stop and exchange information if property damage results from the accident.

Were you a victim of a McAllen hit and run accident?

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