Chevy Tahoe Flips When Father Yanks on Steering Wheel Causing a Rollover Accident

Houston police officers found a three-year-old boy seriously injured when they arrived at the scene of a rollover accident in late October. Law enforcement officers were called to U.S. Highway 288 and State Highway 59 around midnight on Monday, October 30, where they found a late model Chevy Tahoe overturned. At the time of the crash, there were five people in the vehicle—both parents and three children, ages 7, 3 and 3 months.

According to News4SA, the mother was driving when the vehicle rolled over. She told authorities that she and the father were having an argument at the time of the crash, and that he reached over from the passenger’s seat and suddenly pulled the steering wheel toward him, causing her to lose control. The sudden turn caused the vehicle to careen sideways and roll.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety said the 3-year-old suffered massive head injuries in the rollover and was taken, along with the other family members, to the hospital, where he died some time later. Law enforcement officials have not indicated whether they will seek to press charges against the father.

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