Visual evidence of your car accident

Taking photos of a car accident scene can provide vital information about your damages and help determine who was at fault for the accident. For this reason, after you’ve ensured that you’re okay and others involved are also okay and safe, capturing images of the scene would be the next thing to do.

What types of photos of the car accident scene should you take?

There are a variety of accident photos that can assist insurance adjusters and lawyers in an accident claim. Keep in mind that your photos could help provide evidence as to: who caused the accident, the extent of vehicle damage and injuries sustained due to the crash.

What photos should you take of the position of the vehicles?

Take images from different angles to ensure you include the position of all the vehicles involved in the accident.  Also capture the proximity the vehicles had to each other. Take close-up images of damage details, such as dents, scratches, broken glass and other damaged vehicle areas. If possible, include interior damage. Be sure to take photos the collision points of the vehicles.

What photos should you take of the accident location?

The location could be an intersection or highway, wherever the accident occurred. Take multiple shots from different angles that include the road surface. You want to photograph skid marks, debris or other evidence of the crash. Take images of streets along with other vehicles’ positions in relation to each other. An accident reconstruction specialist can view the images to figure out which car struck another vehicle and how the accident details fit together. The pictures should show the weather and road conditions when the accident occurred.

What about taking photos of injuries?

If you have visible injuries, it is a good idea to photograph them. Of course you should see a medical doctor as soon as possible and receive treatment.

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Seek legal advice if involved in a serious car accident

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