Car accidents increase in a six mile area

A dangerous accident zone exists on 1-36 between New Braunfels and San Antonio. Over the past few years, big rig accidents along with car accidents have increased in this construction zone area.

In fact, according to the New Braunfel’s Herald-Zeitung, five accidents alone occurred in August 2021. One accident involved the fourth fatality on I-35 this year.

Construction began in this Comal County area in 2019. Since that time, there have been 26 collisions involving 18-wheelers.

What is causing the accidents?

Despite the fact this is a construction zone, construction was not the underlying cause of the accidents. Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) statistics indicated that speeding was the main cause. Other causes included distracted driving and tailgating. From a legal standpoint—speeding, distracted driving and tailgating are all forms of negligence. Keep in mind, establishing negligence is the basis for bringing a lawsuit in an accident case.

Why does suing at-fault parties help others on the road?

The real danger to other drivers isn’t the road. It’s the human error, in other words, the negligence that drivers engage in. Bringing up people’s awareness is vital for preventing accidents. Speeding kills. And so do distracted driving and tailgating. However, holding drivers accountable tends to alert other drivers as well and help them correct their errors.

Have you suffered injuries in a dangerous accident zone?

An experienced car accident or truck accident lawyer can investigate the accident to gather evidence. Substantiating that the other driver was at fault allows you to hold the parties accountable. At the Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz, we have decades of experience representing accident victims. Whether your accident occurred on I-35 near New Braunfels and San Antonio or in some other dangerous Texas accident zone, we can help. We offer a free consultation to discuss your potential case.